«SBGPS» system is a part of the «Smart mine» ® GORNASS. It is used to determine the location of personnel, transport and goods; determination of the speed and direction of movement of personnel and transport; Alerts (with confirmation of delivery to the addressee) and search for people caught by the accident; provision of personnel with mobile communication, transmission of video, audio and telemetry data from technical devices compatible with the system; dynamic control of hazardous and harmful gases and oxygen in the working area's air and signaling when their values ​​exceed specified limits; the use of navigation elements in the withdrawal of people from the emergency zones (sections) according to the emergency plan; operational control of the conformity of technological processes to specified parameters.

The «SBGPS» system is used for the underground mines and their ground structures, which are dangerous for gas (methane) and / or combustible dust, in accordance with the Ex marking of the components.

Certificate of conformity TR CU № RU C-RU.AA87.B.00822      

Main functions:

  • the continuous positioning of personnel in underground mines, displaying the position of each person on the 3D-model of the mine at the dispatcher's console in real time, with a resolution of up to 3 (± 1) m. The data updating period of the location of workers on the 3D-model of the mine is 5 seconds;
  • notification of the accident to personnel (all, group or individual employee) with automatic (control of delivery) and manual (control of awareness) confirmation of delivery the information by each person, indicating a guaranteed delivery of the alarm to all to whom this signal is sent;
  • control the conditions of each person in the mine;
  • receiving an alarm message to the dispatcher's console, indicating the location of the message sending point with a resolution of up to 3 (± 1) meters;
  • underground navigation system;
  • search for people affected by the accident, based on the latest location and data transmitted from the alerting devices;
  • voice communication between underground personnel, with each other and with the dispatcher, and also with the possibility of access to the telephone network of the mine.

 Additional functions:

  • scanning (dynamic) gas analysis. Control of the gas situation (up to 4 gas sensors) at the employee's location in the mine and the automatic transfer of this information to the dispatcher's console in real time;
  • management of production processes;
  • mobile connection. When equipping underground personnel with an explosion-proof smartphone, provides full mobile communications in the mine;
  • mobile photo and video surveillance. With the help of an explosion-proof smartphone SBGPS Mphone it is possible to take photos and video in the mine with the real time transfer of information to the dispatcher's console. With the help of an integrated thermal imaging camera, it is possible to carry out photo and video shooting in the infrared range of waves, to conduct non-contact temperature measurements at a given point, to conduct thermal diagnostics of mine equipment for the purpose of early detection exogenous and / or endogenous fires;
  • multifunctional controller «Granch Adaptive Linker». Developed to collect information from electrical devices of various mobile objects, processing and transfer of these data to the server, monitoring the technical conditions of mining equipment;
  • alerting personnel in the danger zone.