Technological equipment measuring controller Granch SBTC2.

It is entered in the State register of measuring instruments under № 28693-08.

It is part of the «Granch MIS» system.

Certificate of conformity TR CU № RU C-RU.AA87.В01107.





The controllers are developed for use in automatic gas control and protection systems, automatic control of the ventilation, automatic control of conveyor vehicles,automatic control of power supply devices and other process control systems related to life safety in coal mines, as well as for collection,processing and transmission of information,process management at sparse technological facilities.

Controllers are used to measure continuous sensor signals represented by AC/DC voltage,AC/DC current, DC resistance and frequency, conversion of measured values to physical values, generation of control signals according to predetermined algorithms, reception, transmission and routing of information over serial channels connection.


  • Number of cable inputs - 10;
  • The maximum number of function modules to be installed in the controller - 7;
  • The total number of external signals is not more than 80;
  • Number of communication channels providing data transmission - up to 12;
  • The number of external power lines is 2;
  • Power consumption, no more than 150 W;
  • Operating mode - continuous;
  • Supply voltage of AC mains with a frequency of 50 Hz:

    - Granch SBTC2-PB-2 and SBTC2-PB / PO controller - from 30 V to 150 V;

    - Granch SBTC2 controller - from 30 V to 264 V;

  • operating time from a backup power source, not less than:

     - Granch SBTC2-PB / PO controller- 16 hours;

     - Granch SBTC2-PB  controller - 8 hours;

  • Dimensions:

     - Granch SBTC2-PB / PO  controller - 580 x 640 x 560 mm;

     - Granch SBTC2-PB controller - 690 x 575 x 585 mm;

  • Weight of controllers:

     - Granch SBTC2-PB / PO   controller - 140 kg;

     - Granch SBTC2-PB  controller - 120 kg;

  • Sustainability to electromagnetic interference: the controller complies with GOST R 51317.6.2-99;
  • Level of radiated interference: the controller complies with GOST R 51317.6.3-99 and GOST R 51317.6.4-99;
  • The controllers are designed to operate at temperature of 0 ° C to 40 ° C and a relative humidity of up to 98% at 20 ° C.