Explosion-proof multimeter «Granch Meter» is a fully digital multimeter with automatic range switching.






Certificate of conformity TR CU № RU C-RU.AA87.B.01080

- shock-protected construction;
- measuring AC/DC;
- allows to check the electrical circuit;
- frequency measurement;
- checking of diodes.
- checking of capacitors;
- temperature measurement.


The shockproof protected design allows the device to operate under harsh operating conditions. The multimeter has an ergonomic and modern design, it has a stand-rest for comfortable vertical arrangement.  Equipped with LED backlight display.


  • Protection from external influences - IP67;
  • Protection from electric shock (GOST - III;
  • Weight - 690 g;
  • Level of explosion protection in accordance with GOST 31610.0 - special explosion-proof electrical equipment with RO marking Ex ma ia | Ma X..