The combined linking box is intended for switching fiber-optic cables and intrinsically safe circuits of cables with copper cores as part of the monitoring, alerting and searching system.





Certificate of conformity TR CU № ТС RU C-RU.АА87.В.00513.


  • The case of the box has:

    – cable inputs for optical cables with a diameter from 7 to 12 mm - 2;

    – cable glands for cables with copper wires and sheaths with a diameter from 4 to 8 mm - 6;

    – cable glands for cables with copper wires and sheaths with a diameter from 8 to 17 mm - 2.

  • Level of explosion protection in accordance with GOST 31610.0 - special explosion-proof electrical equipment with RO marking Ex ia op is I Ma;
  • Protection from electric shock belongs to class I according to GOST;
  • Protection from external influences - IP 54 according to GOST 14254-96;
  • Overall dimensions - no more than 392 х 415 х 175 mm;
  • Weight - no more than 15 kg;
  • Service life is 10 years.